Durometer Stand


A stand for use with a hand held durometer (hardness tester). Originally manufactured using a laser cutter (for the frame), a Stratasys J750 (for the durometer holder) and stock stud, bar,  washers, springs and nuts.

Design Files

File Size

Assem1 - Part7^Assem1-1.STL
54.2 KB
Assem1 - Part8^Assem1-1.STL
178 KB
Assem1 - Part8^Assem1-2.STL
178 KB
Assem1 - Part9^Assem1-1.STL
144 KB
Assem1 - Part3^Assem1-1.STL
1.43 MB
Assem1 - Part6^Assem1-1.STL
108 KB
Assem1 - Part6^Assem1-2.STL
108 KB


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