Small shell for stock hotend after converting to bowden extruder


Summary One of the easiest changes to the 101hero is to convert the direct extruder to a Bowden extruder. In doing that, you end up left with a large extruder shell that is more than half empty. This thing contains just the hotend portion of the extruder assembly and allows you to reduce more weight from the print assembly allowing for more stable operation and higher print speeds. Print Settings Printer: 101Hero Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.18mm Infill: 20% Notes: To make the installation of the hot end easier, it is important to print the shell in the orientation supplied to have the inside of the shell as clean as possible. Post-Printing Once complete, remove filament from 101hero and allow the printer to cool down. Unplug the printer power and computer connections Remove the extruder assembly and disassemble. Position the hot end in the new shell aligning the wires into the channel on the side and the PTFE tubing out the notch in the top. Reusing 3 of the 5 screws from the original extruder, screw the two halves together tightly and move the fan from the old extruder to the new hotend (Note: Make sure you cleaned the vents out on both halves so air from the fan can flow across the heatsink. Custom Section

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