Spitfire Propeller 1:4 scaled model

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Spitfire Propeller designed with Autocad 3D 1:4 model

Root hub to fit into spinner: 3.4cm diameter circle. From Root to tip =  375 mm or 14.76 inches

Comes in 5 parts, glued together using locttite 406 superglue for plastics 

You can scale accordingly. Eg, a 1:8 model just divide full scale by 2.  Recommended print settings (tested as per picture) Vertical wall: 2 shells Infill honeycomb/rectilinear 5% Bottom and Top solid layers: 3  Printspeed keep it generally 50mm/s throughout for smooth and sharp print especially at the trailing edge of the blade

Estimated 1.75mm filament needed for 1 blade (1:4 scale model) = Between 15meters to 25meters (49ft to 82ft)   Print with PLA to avoid wrapping 

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Spitfire prop 1 to 4 scale (5).stl
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Spitfire prop 1 to 4 scale (2).stl
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Spitfire prop 1 to 4 scale (4).stl
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Spitfire prop 1 to 4 scale (1).stl
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Spitfire prop 1 to 4 scale (3).stl
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