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This lamp looks like Twistlamp0 but I used a totally different way to define the geometry, so I have renamed it Domelight1. I printed this one with clear PLA to see how it looked with a color-changing LED inside. The LED is shown next to the lamp in the first photo. To find LED's that fit this light simply search for "LED puck light" and you will find lots of options. This light includes a small cutout at the bottom to accept a power cord if you pick a wall powered LED.

The photos show the light with the LED at different color phases. Here is a 42 second video showing how the light looks when the colors are changing:

Like TwistLamp0, this light is quite tall - it is 304 mm high, and this is a tricky size to print. Being that tall your printer might knock it over when it gets to the top most area since even a small amount of hotend drag on the part yields a large amount of sideways torque. Just to be safe I held on to the part for about the last 40 mm of printing. My next light will be shorter.

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