Fidget Spinner Toy by 2RobotGuys with custom finger pad


Summary I love the spinner by 2ROBOTGUY. Great size, curved edges, bearing fit snug with no need for glue. The only thing I wanted to do was change the finger pads just a bit. I wanted a little curve in the pad to hold by thumb better and make it a little more ergonomic. Aslo, I found that my finger pads were slipping out so I expanded to post by a tiny bit to make them stick a little better. It does make it necessary to be cautious when inserting the finger pad, there is a weakness in the joint from the post to the pad so when applying the finger pad, make sure your force is centered on the post to prevent breakage. Once applied, it sits snug and won't fall out of it's own accord. Use supports so you can print the finger pads upright. It uses a little more plastic than 2ROBOTGUY's but I like the feel. Have fun fidgeting. Once again, shout out to 2ROBOTGUY for the original design. I also tweaked the fingerpads a bit. I found that my original design was flimsy and would often break when installing. The version 13 is a little tougher thought he curve isn't quite as deep. Print Settings Printer: Monoprice Select Mini Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .175 Infill: 15 Notes: Use supports and print the finger pads upright. Thicker walls can give it a little more integrity but shouldn't be necessary if you are careful in assembly. Post-Printing Assembling the spinner If the bearings are way too tight you can sand out the inside a little to make it easier to get them in. I have been using a hammer to get my bearings to sit and they don't fall out if I drop it. Apply most of your force to the center of the finger pads when assembling. I used a pen in the center to push them in because too much pressure on the sides can break the weak point where the post meets the disc. How I Designed This I used tinkercad to make the finger pads.

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