Water Molecule or Compound model ( Braille Labeled)


This is an simple, yet very usefull model of a water molecule. The atoms are eached labeled with the elements that they represent. The Blue atom is labeled "H" for Hydrogen, and the other two are labeled "O" for Oxygen. This model can help explain what a molecule is and how multiple atoms make up a molecule. I am just now sarting to create 3D models and I am new to 3D printing. I hope that anyone who prints this puts it to good use! I had fun making it.

Print Settings:

Layer Height : .1 - .15 mm

Infill: 40-50%

Speed: <65 mm second

Suports:  YES

Raft Optional, but recomended

Retracton: YES

Design Files

File Size

Water molecule Model_Envision the Future.stl
228 KB


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