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An expertly designed handle identifier for visually impaired, or generally forgetful people. Letter and braille symbols in every letter of the alphabet can be placed on handles of cupboards, or even doors, to remind a user what is inside of it. Alternatively, it's flat base can be placed on a shelf for easy identification, or small items can be placed underneath an identifier, as not to lose it's place. The adaptable design has been created to securely fit a variety of handle designs, with standard sized braille, and large embossed text. Making life easier for the visually impaired, something as simple as this identifier could transform a life, allowing for quicker, more independent use of cupboards, draws and a multitude of storage devices.

Of course, this multi-use device not only solves the issue of scrabbling through cupboards looking for an ingredient, or trying to find a T-shirt in your draw, but a multitude of other issues:

  • Keeping small things safe
  • Identifying different drinks bottles, or anything that may need identifying at all! (shelves, handles, food, keys...)
  • And anything you want it to do!

I recommend printing this standing up, with the flat base on the print bed - so sit back and enjoy as your life is transformed by this simple, tactile tool - this is the future!

But why is this such a good idea?

Well, in the hours of research I personally did into the problems still faced by those with impaired vision, I noticed that these people live perfectly normal lives - in fact there was very little that could be improved! Then I saw a few videos of people with visual impairments cooking - many of them struggled most with finding ingredients in cupboards without help. This is where this idea comes from (initial sketches can be found in the whiteboard image above). By attaching these 'identification hooks' to handles, or sitting them on shelves, easy physical identification of foods can be achieved. The tool can also be easily balanced on packets, or bottles for direct recognition of ingredients or foods. From this initial idea, the concept developed into the initial identification tool, as well as finding uses such as placing different ones over different sets of keys, or over different electronic devices etc. The handle identifier is not just a tactile tool, but a useful tool providing a direct improvement to the lives and independency of those living with visual impairments. The tools easy-install design means that a user, whatever level of sight they may have, can easily print and install the tool. Once printed, the identifier is smoothly slotted over relevant handles, or placed directly onto a shelf, immediately ready for use. This solves the seemingly simple, yet noticeable issue of identification of foodstuffs and handles, increasing the independency of the user. Accurately designed to fit with official braille standards, and to fit most handles, this tool is also designed so that no problems will occur when printing.  None of the structure is challenging to print, although I would recommend printing with a low infill, depending on the strength you feel you will need, as the tool has a moderately large volume (~4x4x5cm) As the tactile design features standard size braille, a small chamfer slopes down to the centre of the tool, where the braille is located - allowing for easy reading and finding of the letter, as well as the english alphabetical letter embossed in the top left corner of each design.

A brilliant, useful and tactile tool, perfectly designed to improve the independence and confidence of a visually impaired user around the house - keep your objects where you know them!

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Handle ID - E.stl
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Handle ID - F.stl
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Handle ID - G.stl
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Handle ID - H.stl
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Handle ID - I.stl
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Handle ID - J.stl
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Handle ID - K.stl
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Handle ID - L.stl
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Handle ID - M.stl
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Handle ID - N.stl
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Handle ID - O.stl
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Handle ID - P.stl
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Handle ID - Q.stl
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Handle ID - R.stl
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Handle ID - S.stl
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Handle ID - T.stl
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Handle ID - U.stl
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Handle ID - V.stl
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Handle ID - W.stl
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Handle ID - X.stl
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Handle ID - Y.stl
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