HG3D Freemasons Pillar Kit - 28mm

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Hobgoblin-3D is proud to present to you the Freemason Pillar Kit. This bundle pack contains a collection of our single items repackaged into a themed bundle pack. Each miniature in this bundle pack has been digitally sculpted, scaled to fit 28mm systems and optimised for Home Use 3D Printing. If you were to purchase each item individually it would come total of $3 saving you 20%!

One of our core focuses is to provide an affordable entry level into 3D Miniatures and Terrain. Meaning after a one time purchase, the product will be yours to download and print out as many times as your printer can handle. As a result saving you both time and money

Inside the pack you will find an assortment of .STL files. You will also find our product T&Cs and an in-depth instruction manual. Providing you with print settings, recommended materials and a construction guide (if applicable) below.

This pack includes:

  • HG3D_Gothic_Pillar
  • HG3D_Indian_Pillar
  • T&Cs
  • Instruction Manuals

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