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This is a key identifier for the visually impaired or for the average person. I made a prototype out of cardboard of what the tool looks like because I don't have a 3D printer to print this product. 

To use it, simply hook the hole into your key chain ring and now you can identify your house key from your other keys. It is especially useful if a blind person drops their keys before entering their house. Now you can feel in braille which one is your house key. This tool is so the visually impaired can differentiate between a mailbox key and their house key so they don't have to call someone over to tell them what key they need to use.  The key identifier is meant for your house key and it has the word "House" written in braille on the product. If you like this design please tell me so in the comments or how I could make this project better. 

Hopefully one day we can all make better tools to help everyone do the same tasks as everyone else. One day...

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