Filament spool 2


This is an improved version of a design I uploaded a few months ago.

I have made quite a few of the earlier version (just called 'Filament spool'), however it did not always print successfully, and required three parts to make the complete spool. I decided that it needed to be simplified, to make printing more reliable.

Just two prints are needed,  both the same, which need to be glued together in the middle.  (Use 'ABS glue' for ABS.) The small holes around the outer edges are no longer part of the print, to reduce the complexity (and hence problems). There are small indentations in the inside surfaces, where these holes should be (4mm), so that the holes can be easily drilled afterwards (before the two halves are stuck together). 

The spool has the same overall dimensions as the previous version (200mm diameter, to take 400m of filament).

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