3DTAC / M203 Hand Cannon


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The M203 Hand Cannon grip is designed to work with M203 airsoft launchers (rail mounted version only).

This enables the launcher to be used stand alone as a very powerfull shotgun, you will need a 3/16"  thread cutter (Tap), two 3/16x 1" and nuts to assemble it with enough strength to mount the launcher.

Print settings:

    • ABS / PLA
    • Scale part up .3% = 100.3 (ABS only)
    • Temperature: ABS 230°C / PLA 210°C
    • Layer .1 to .3 mm
    • Perimeters: 3
    • Infill: 50% (at least)
    • Supports: NO
    • Cooling Fan: ABS OFF, PLA ON
    • Raft: No (unless needed by your particular printer)

DO NOT USE WITH REAL STEEL FIREARMS. This is an accessory designed entirely for Airsoft and sport air shooting. I take no responsibility for any harm taken or done should this design be miss-used on other activities outside its designed purposes.

Design Files

File Size

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