Da Vinci 3D Printer 1.1 Extruder MK8 modification


Summary Da Vinci MK8 Extruder modification. This mod will allow you to print PLA and ABS without a problem. It uses the original extruder motor so you can run this using the original firmware. Modification details: Print the required 3 parts. Remove the original extruder and motor. Insert the rubber filament into the provided hole in the ex holder. You will need to cut down the smaller of the filament tubes to it fits a little. Reverse the extrude motor wires. This is required as the extruder now sits on the otherside. So if the wires were they need to be I used a pin to pull the wires out of the extruder connector and inserted them back in. No soldering is required here. I also used the original heating element and temp component, you can swap these around. You will need to rotate the extruder head so it then fits into the original carriage. Screw everything back together and clip the X axis clip on to realign the head so it self cleans again. Quite a simple mod, I wouldn't say it's that difficult and it's great being able to print PLA without a problem. Please see my other mod of a touchscreen cartridge resetter for this printer.

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