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This is a Jar which has an intricate screw pattern on the side. It also features a screw on lid so the contents won't fall out. Feel free to download and comment on the design to give me suggestions. *NOTE* If you 3D print this, please make sure to tell me how it turned out because I do not have a 3D printer.

How to assemble: 1.Print both files  2. add your materials in your jar  3. Screw on the lid onto the jar

You may be wondering how this jar can help the blind, Well I'll tell you.  I am submitting this special jar to the helping the blind contest because this jar can be found without the sense of sight. Step 1: Place jar with contents inside in an easy to locate area. Now you find the location and you can distinguish this jar from other jars because it has a special pattern which you can feel. Also, if you drop the container it won't break because it has a tough wall. It also has embossed letters on the top so you can feel the letters and know what's in the jar without using your eyes. I hope you found this jar useful and thank you for reading! :)

Made using autodesk inventor. Please comment on how I could make this design better.

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