Breach Preview Part 2

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So, here's a number of ships we here at Ill Gotten Games will be releasing soon, these ones designed by yours truly in TinkerCAD (love that system!).

For the Starter Set (currently in its Beta stage) head over here:

Its a good introduction to the rules (subject to change as they may be).

We've got a ton of other ships in the works, so check back if you're into that sort of thing! Also, anyone who's interested in designing their own ship and throwing it into the game universe, shoot me a message and I'll work with you on designing the rules for it when I have some time.


-Arian Croft, lead developer at Ill Gotten Games


Printed at a layer height of .10 with a 100% infill. The Class 3 base goes with the Smoking Demon, Tartaran Transport, and Star Dagger. The Class 2 base goes with the Arrowhead and the Tartaran Fighter. With all of these, you'll need a 3mm plastic rod to act as the stem for the base, though the base included with the Breach starter will work just fine.

These guys were painted with acrylic model paints.

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