Summary Welcome to my Little Slice of Thingiverse. Here is a Gorilla that I have been working on for a while now. I made a deal with the Twitter Community that when my Channel hit 100 Subs I would release the files for FREE! So without Further Ado I Present you with "Mighty Joe Kong!" Print Settings Printer: RenRen3D Flash Pro Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: Your preference. Infill: 10% Notes: Mighty Joe Kong is a High Poly Model and some of the details may not show up when printed smaller. I have sliced him without infill and Cura told me it could be done although I haven't tried yet. Post-Printing Remove Supports. When Removing the Supports take care not to break off the canines. How I Designed This ZBrush I created Mighty Joe Kong in ZBrush over a number of weeks working on him a bit at a time while I got my Studio Set Up. He has been through many Iterations the first being Rambo the Gorilla one of my other Things. I hope you enjoy printing him as much as I have enjoyed creating him and please share your prints with me if you'd like. You will normally find me on Twitter so please give me a follow and ask me any questions you have or suggestions for things I can create next.

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