Star Wars Speeder & Scout Trooper

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This is the Speeder Bike and Scout Trooper from the Battle of the Forest Moon of Endor.

Check out the assembly guide for information about overall measures, printing tips, filament colors, filament amount, printing time and assembly instructions.

Assembly Guide

Happy printing!

Design Files

File Size

1-Speeder-Front flaps.stl
2.24 MB
2-Speeder-Front Tubes.stl
1.81 MB
3-Speeder-Front top Fuselage.stl
1.84 MB
4-Speeder-Back Fuselage.stl
8.55 MB
5.43 MB
6-Speeder-Back engine.stl
6.76 MB
13.2 MB
8-Speeder-Front bottom Fuselage.stl
2.68 MB
9-Speeder-Front screw.stl
866 KB
10-Speeder-Back screw.stl
867 KB
3.5 KB
7.51 MB
3.69 MB
184 KB
1.33 MB
5.8 MB
5.17 MB blaster.stl
817 KB
2.59 MB Pad.stl
1020 KB
8.85 MB
950 KB


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