MantRa Rays Lampshade

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This lampshade is inspired by a form study of the manta ray I did using Grasshopper Parametric modelling. 

It is printed in two parts, one short print and one long one and the two are then carefully superglued together. The reason for the two parts is to provide a larger flat surface area so the project can stick to the build plate better. I found it quite a challenging print as it does not have supports or infill, I felt these would spoil the print somewhat. I had to do one or two short test prints before I found settings that gave acceptable results. 

Once glued together the lampshade is complete, a bulb holder can be attached to the inbuilt bracket and held in final position with a cable tie. Make sure the bulb glass itself does not touch any part of the PLA during use and is at least an inch away so that any heat the bulb produces does not conduct into and melt the PLA, it might cause a fire. Maximum of 40 watt bulb is recommended, or use a cool temperature LED or low energy bulb.

Printer build volume - 200mm x 200mm x 200mm

Filament - Translucent PLA

Nozzle Dia. - 0.4mm

Nozzle Temp. - I set my print head at 218 degrees Celsius for my particular PLA filament. You will have to find the perfect temp for your filament brand. I find transparent filament require slightly higher temps.

Extrusion Multiplier - 102%

Line Width - 0.42mm

Layer Height - 0.20mm

Initial Layer Height - 0.15mm

Print Speed - Between 45mm/s

Wall Settings - 2 wall

Top/Bottom Settings - Zero

Infill - Zero

Supports - Zero

Retract - On

Fan - On

Spiral Mode /Vase Mode: Off

Skirt - 5 lines

Skirt Offset: 1mm

Brim - No

Build plate temp - IDK as I use a non heated build platform with masking tape.

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