Desmond the Demon

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This is Desmond. He is a demon. He works as a Maitre'D at a really nice restaurant in Downtown Demonitus, called the "Fury Lounge." He likes his job, because he gets to meet lots of interesting demons from all over. When he goes home at night his cat, Matilda, greets him at the door.  One day while Desmond was petting her, she got spooked, and tried to claw her way over his head to get away and accidentally scratched his eye, that is why he wears an eye patch. He loves his cat and even though it hurt, he was not mad. But he secretly thinks it's kind of cool that he has to wear an eyepatch.

A character design I created for a possible  upcoming graphic novel.

It should print fine at it's embedded size which is about 5 inches tall. It may work at a smaller dimension but is untested. Designed to be printed with SLA printer at 50 micron setting. It might work on an FDM printer as well, but the narrow tips of the teeth might give it trouble. If you need to fatten them up and modify them to make it work you have my permission. I would love to see some prints of him.

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