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Once imprisoned by the Mad King to guard the realm’s treasures, Ejderha, the Firestarter, knows only fury, pain, and darkness; a true, visceral adversary for any hero or heroine skilled and brave enough to seek his power.

This was one of the first creations I made in Zbrush; intended to be the antagonist in a game.

Print photos are PA 2200 material

Mm: 279.40 X / 21.902 Y / 150.30 Z

Cm: 27.94 X / 21.902 Y / 15.03 Z

In: 11 X / 8.623 Y / 5.917 Z

Part Count 1

Material Volume 59.2831 cm3

Machine Space 171.9345 cm3

Surface Area 509.9197 cm2

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