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This inspirational composition is based on the idea of perfection and perseverance. It illustrates the story of a little giant, who is trying to improve his skills. He builds a ladder. And since the first step, which looks roughly carved from the rock, he tries with each new step make it more beautiful and perfect. I tried to implement the illusion of hanging step in the air to emphasize the idea that improvement can make the impossible possible. And words WORK HARD in my opinion will always be a reminder that perseverance and hard work are an integral part of the result. So, improve technology, work on skills, always try to make thing better. I hope you will like it.

Technical description:

This composition consists of nine parts. It was originally planned for prototyping on the  Form2  by Formlabs. You can see a special pages with sizes of each part and how they connect with each other. All connections are made with tolerances and material shrinkage, as well as taking into account other factors that arise when prototyping. The figure is substantially free of micro-relief and microstructures, so the treatment of the prototype will be most effective. The composition can also be used for injection molding technology (plastics/metals) with the right technology. All elements are made so that they do not overlap each other.

Design Files

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7.63 MB F.stl
13.6 MB G.stl
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