Laika Fire Knight 3,5 inches Tall


This is my 3D printing Sculpt of The Fire Knight Laika from Summoners Wars. The model was totally modeled and sculpted from zero, in Autodesk Mudbox 2015. The posterior preparation, for 3D printing was made with Autodesk Meshmixer 3.0 The model is already hollow to save material, and is 3,5 inches tall including the base. The model was succesfully 3D printed in Shapeways in Strong and Flexible Plastic.(See the photos). In addtion, I am available like 3D modeler sculptor for hire, if somebody needs and 3D designer. You can visit my extensive portfolio, with a lot of 3D models succesfully 3D printed, that Imade for clients in the albums in my Artstation and facebook page:  And you can visit my youtube channel too:

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