3D Printed Apple Watch Case 42mm

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Need a case for your Apple Watch 42mm?

This case was designed in Onshape using apple's specifications. All dimensions were carefully created to pass all Apple criteria for a genuine designed case.

Speaker holes, strap cut outs, even the wifi and magnetic charging areas are perfectly within Apple's guidelines. We added nice button holes that don't affect pressing the button or dial. Perfect for large fingers.

Making this a perfect watch case that is easy to print, easy to take off and put back on. It looks great not adding too much thickness to the Apple Watch while still being thick enough to be printed in PLA or any filament and still hold some strength.

This really is an easy print at .1mm resolution it can be printed within 20 minutes and last a long time as it's designed to be EDC. (Every Day Carry)

Thank you and please let us know how your prints go.

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