Type A Machines Improved Cooling Shroud

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I love my Type a Machines Series 1, but i did find that the filament cooling was a little uneven. so after 5 iterations, this is the solution i came up with.

cooling is now 95% evenly distributed meaning smoother outer walls (when cooling is required)

It's a 3 piece assembly, and uses all the existing screws and fan so there's no need to buy anything else (other than superglue)

The nuts press fit into the Fan mount, and the fan mount press fits onto the main assembly. Assembly is pretty self explanitory

I printed my in Polycarbonate due to it's higher glass point (125degreesC) so the shroud will not warp when using the HBP at high temperatures

Design Files

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Type A Machines cooling fan - Shroud bottom 45deg open cooling 2.stl
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Type A Machines cooling fan - Shroud Top 45deg.stl
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Type A Machines cooling fan - Fan.stl
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