DIY D20 Ceiling Lamp Shade

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This is half of a D20 dice, commonly used in D&D and other RPG's.  I originally built this to put together with my 3dDoodler pen, but it could be glued together with other techniques.  My 3d printer is a PLA modified Replicator 2X, with layer height of 0.24mm for most parts, excepting the 5 way joints, which can split if you apply too much angular pressure.  I printed those at 0.14mm height.

I used natural (clear) esun PLA for the Triangles and turquoise blue PLA for everything else.  If you only have one extruder, just print the numbers separately and glue them into the panels.

Please be sure to look over the final images for ideas on how it all goes together.  Also, use only with LED lightbulbs, for safety and economy. 

For a better resolution instruction manual, please become a Patreon of me!

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