Medical Samples Tube Holder / Organiser (part of Med Kit)


I have designed this item as part of "Med Kit" set for "Space Design Contest". After watching several Chris Hadfield's videos from ISS, I came out with an idea to create medical samples tube holder. In one of his videos, link below:

Chris puts his medical samples into the freezer and he has to do it in less than one minute. When he opens the container from the freezer, the bags with samples float inside it. I was thinking if I can design something to improve the whole process of transporting the samples to the freezer as well as organising the samples in the freezer while at the same time cutting the time of keeping the freezer open when putting the samples in. 

So here is few good points and functionality of my design. Please also check photos attached.


1. Holder can be easily attached to the metal rings that we can see on the walls in ISS.

2. Holders can also be attached to each other side by side or behind each other to form bigger pack.

3. When larger number of samples need to be transported at the same time, I have also designed "Claw Carabiner" which can be used to attach multiple number of holders. Please check my other "Med Kit" items to download.

4. Holder can be easily attached to the trousers pockets or belts, either by itself or with the "Claw Carabiner" leaving both hands free to move around in the station.

5. Holders can be put into the freezer and attached to another holder which is already there with ease. Or the freezer container can be filled in with holders attached to each other waiting for the new tubes to be slotted in. Each crew member can have holders printed in his chosen colour for easy recognition when putting tubes into the freezer.


1. Holder will stand on flat surface.

2. Holder can be hanged on the wall if required.

3. As above (IN SPACE) points, holder can be easily transported attached and can form larger sets of samples.

I have also designed sample tubes, please check my other items. Use 17mm tubes when in space for tight fit into the holder. Use 16mm tubes when on Earth or another planet with gravity, for effortless fit. 

I printed holder with raft and supports, standard PLA settings and 30% infill. 

I hope my design is useful and you like it.  

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