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Back in 1961, history was made as NASA Astronaut John Young of the Gemini 3 mission snuck a corned beef sandwich into space.

This was a day to remember, because BREAD is BANNED in space. This is because bread has the horrible tendency to produce CRUMBS. Free floating crumbs in space are a big problem. The reason is because they may block up the vessel's air-cleaning units (and astronauts need air to not die). Now, NASA's solution to this is to cover all foods that produce crumbs in gelatin, yum. So NASA astronauts can no longer eat proper bread in space, bummer. 

This is why I have created this crumb-containment device for the safe consumption of bread in space.

The idea came to me actually when I was eating a sandwich, and I remembered the story of NASA's John Young. Although it is a bit of a crazy entry, it reflects what could be a real treat for astronauts who go months without proper bread.

Now, how to use it (assembly shown in exploded view):

  • The SHAFT is inserted into the CRUMBCONTAINMENT unit
  • The flexible sandwich storage device (or sandwich bag) folds around the CLIP
  • The CLIP is then inserted into the SHAFT
  • The DOORs are then put onto the CRUMBCONTAINMENT unit, and taped to the SHAFT (optional, but recommended)
  • The CLIP is then put on the CRUMBCONTAINMENT unit to stop the DOORs falling off

When the CRUMBCONTAINMENT unit is pushed down, the SHAFT pokes through the sides of the DOORs (shown in the exploded view) and opens the DOORs for sandwich consumption. After consumption, the CRUMBCONTAINMENT unit can be moved back, and no one dies.

With this device, sandwiches in space are no longer so deadly.

What I would change:

  • In future, I would like to fully assemble the device (I have printed off some of the parts, but not all due to time constraints)
  • I would also like to decorate the device, and possibly add a flush mouthpiece to the CLIP, for further safety.

As a huge fan of NASA (and want-to-be astronaut), I would like to think that this could be beneficial on the ISS, given implementation (which would be rare - I know).

If you find any problems with this (or have even read this far), please let me know, as I would like to iron out any errors.

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