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Inspired by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage's curve ball toy as seen in the video , we designed an airmill for space! Using a 624z bearing (4mmx13mmx5mm) we created an easy to assemble mechanism requiring no glue!

The airmill consists of the main body, the caps and the bolts. The caps clip into the main body holding the bearing together while giving space to the bolts to be inserted. The bolts, which serve as handles, fit into the bearing allowing the mechanism to spin free from friction. When assembled all you have to do is push the bolts and blow towards the airmill blades! With the help of the bearing the mechanism is pretty efficient! Once released, the spinning space airmill will follow a non linear route much like a baseball throw. In zero gravity conditions you can use it as a darts game avoiding obstacles to hit the target.

We printed the airmill with a 0,35mm nozzle (0,35 - 0,4mm recommended nozzle size) at 0,2mm layer height, 2 outline shells and 30% infill. You can 3d print it without supports at the desired infill. Here is an assembly instructions video :

We hope you enjoy playing obstacle darts and hopefully it won't keep you too distracted from your daily routine!!

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