Space Blower Exerciser


Summary This thing was made with Tinkercad and is a submission to Pinshape for their call for useful things astronauts can 3D print in space. It is a human powered personal blower for moving air comfort. Additionally, if made full size (100 mm) the device will give you a workout. Try different positions, maybe customize handles, etc to keep muscles from atrophy. All sorts of muscle group combinations can be exercised. Certainly major limbs in multiple directions, as well as hands and fingers. Watch a half size one in action: It's also a great fidget target. A raft is useful when on an unheated bed. No supports necessary if your machine demonstrates reasonable bridging capability. Assembly is pretty easy. Tie a comfortable size loop of braided string/cord along with any handle you might want. With the loop untwisted, I find it easiest to 'crank' one side up, twisting the string, thereby winding up the blower. Then, with practiced timing, tug to unwind, stopping before it is unwound so it can continue and wind up the other direction...and so forth. Have fun!

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