"Split Tilt" 4 degree Stanced Drift Wheel

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This wheel is designed to run with your wheels stanced to 4 degrees camber. You can adjust the offset by adding as many or as few spacers you desire. I've added a few thickness to assist. You will need 2mm hardware to fasten the wheels together. The maximum hardware length is 2x6mm (no spacers) and 2x8mm (1mm spacer). Common sense would indicate, the more spacers required, the longer the hardware you will need. This wheel will provide about 4mm of plastic to burn off if you print at 100% infill.

Recommendations:  Hub - Print in T-Glass, Nylon or other strong filament, 50-80% infill, flat side down. Wheel - Print in PLA, ABS, PETG or similar, minimum wall thickness 2mm, infill 20-80%(less infill, lighter wheel), Infill - honeycomb, top/bottom - 5 layers minimum

"61" HEX = 12mm, Width = 26mm, Inner Diameter = 52mm, Outer Diameter = 61mm

"57" HEX = 12mm, Width = 26mm, Inner Diameter = 48mm, Outer Diameter = 57mm

Design Files

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12mm HUB Spoke 61.stl
211 KB
1mm Spacer 57.stl
143 KB
2mm Spacer 57.stl
143 KB
3mm Spacer 57.stl
143 KB
4 Deg Stance 26mm wide 57.stl
766 KB
4mm Spacer 57.stl
143 KB
5mm Spacer 57.stl
170 KB
12mm HUB Disk 57.stl
147 KB
12mm HUB Spoke 57.stl
218 KB
1mm Spacer 61.stl
140 KB
2mm Spacer 61.stl
140 KB
3mm Spacer 61.stl
140 KB
4 Deg Stance 61.stl
666 KB
4mm Spacer 61.stl
140 KB
5mm Spacer 61.stl
164 KB
12mm HUB Disk 61.stl
136 KB


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