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Although space is very exciting and unique it can sometimes get boring for astronauts if they don’t have anything to pass the time. It costs $10,000 to send 1 pound of something up to space so I purposely made this game as light and simple as possible while also being engaging and fun so the astronauts do not get bored.


·        5-inch diameter ring with 3-inch diameter hole

·        4-inch diameter ring with 2-inch diameter hole

·        3-inch diameter ring with 1-inch diameter hole

·        3 1-inch diameter spheres


·        The main object of the game is to get the sphere through the various sizes of hoops.

·         Since this is played in space your opponent drops the rings in the air.

·        The 5-inch diameter hoop is worth 1 point, the 4-inch diameter hoop is worth two points, and the 3-inch diameter hoop is worth 3 points.

·        You get 3 throws with the 1 inch-diameter spheres

·        The first person to reach 10 points wins.


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