Case for Falcon PI-Cap

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This case was designed for the Falcon Pi-cap.  Using hardware included with the Falcon Pi-cap (4 screws+spacers) you will need 4 small screws to hold the cover on...  I have printed with PLA PETG and some testing has been done with ABS as well..  

1.6mm walls with .2mm layer height will give you great results ..

Im selling this design to give back to the lighting community 100% will go to  I have added the Base This is Very Very touchy If it does not fit the first time reprint + or - 1% witch ever is needed.

   EDIT Added hole for power connector on Pi.. Also added mounts to a base so you cane bolt it down or use the removable base

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Cover 2.6.stl
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Case 2.6.stl
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