25mm (across flat) Hexbase with 3mm hole

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Summary Designed as a spaceship base for a wargame... But hey, its just a generic 25mm across the flat hexagon. Use it, abuse, have fun with it within the licensing (i.e. don't sell it for a profit, but if you print a bunch for a friend and they happen to tip you, that is between you two... just don't make it a business). Print Settings Printer Brand: LulzBot Printer: TAZ 5 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: .2 down to .1 mm Infill: 30% to 80% (small enough to go 100%) Notes: These are simple enough. Nothing too cosmic if your print settings for ABS or PLA are set up. I printed in ABS, but I believe they will work with any 3D print material very well. Post-Printing If you use a raft, carefully remove it and sand or scrap sharp edges off How I Designed This Design Process My Dad and I love wargaming. This idea for a base came up, and I demonstrated how easy it was to use FreeCAD to develop a quick and dirty game base with chambered surfaces. I've left the FreeCAD formats (FreeCAD v. 0.16 by the way) for anyone that desires to modify them easily. I'm pretty impressed with many of the features of this free 3D CAD program (that is a lot from a Solidworks/AutoCAD guy like myself). Every wargamer needs a RepRap 3D printer (or one based on a RepRap). Even if you don't print your miniatures, making bases is a snap. Or printing someones design. As with any of my designs, I've personally printed them and tested them. They work. This one has simple enough geometry that there should be no doubt it works.

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