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Basic vase, roughly 200mm high. The one in the photo was made from home-made ASA filament (similar to ABS). I've had trouble with leaks (the vase, not me), so I've used acetone to try to seal it. It worked on my prototype (not the one in the photo), but there is a risk of distortion if you use to much. I'm trying just pouring a little acetone into the vase, sloshing it about to coat all of the inside surfaces then tipping it out into a jar.  Some will probably get through to the outside surfaces, so be prepared for this. Not sure yet how this will turn out.

Update (June 2017) - The acetone trick works well. You don't need much. My printer is now enclosed, to keep the heat in. This has stopped any de-laminating issues. I have uploaded another design based on this one, which I think looks better, which I've called Vase2.  I've printed lots of them, with no leak issues, using ABS and ASA. I have found that when treating the insides with acetone, the colouring (if used) can go a bit odd at the top, where the excess acetone is shaken out. Masking this off helps. The tape can be removed before the acetone dries.

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