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Summary The power plug for my T61 ThinkPad broke, as they frequently do, just at the point where the wire enters the plug. Grrr. What to do? Print a new one! Instructions Cut the wire to the plug (now there is no going back!). Put some heat shrink tubing (don't shrink it yet!) along the wire to get a nice finish. Cut away all the plastic until you are left with the bare plug. Solder the clean wires to the plug (make sure you get the polarities right!). Print the part. If you need to clean up the opening, use a 5/16" drill bit to clear away the stray plastic. Check the fit. If it is good, put a drop of glue on the inside lip and then push in the plug. Once it is set and tested, use the shrink tubing (careful with the heat-- don't melt the ABS plastic!) to make a nice finish.

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