Chakra snowflakes!

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Each flake is 0.6mm thick, best printed at 0.2mm layer height. Roughly 6" diameter.

Visit for an assembled ChakraFlake chain! All 7 Chakras linked together, brightening any room with spiritual awareness!

Design Files

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6in 1Muladhara red .stl
640 KB
6in 2Svadhisthana orange.stl
854 KB
6in 3Manipura yellow.stl
766 KB
6in 4Anahata green.stl
737 KB
6in 5Vissudha teal.stl
811 KB
6in 6Ajna blue.stl
484 KB
6in 7Sahasrara xblk fuschia.stl
3.16 MB


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