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Summary While working on my sand trooper costume, I found the lack of available print files frustrating. I'm a novice at modeling, so there is probably a lot of dumb in here, but it seems to be a decent base. Assembled_radio_face is the whole front panel with buttons. I don't really recommend printing this, but it's there if you want it. Radio face and radio back are the main parts of the radio. I print those at 0.2mm layer height, then print the buttons separately on my SLA printer (or at least at 0.1mm on the FDM). Print Settings Printer: Folgertech TF5 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: see below Notes: This is modeled for a large format printer. If your print bed is less than 12x12, you'll have to cut the file up with netfab/meshimixer/whatever tool you like. I printed the face and back at 0.2mm layer height, 80mm/s, and the buttons at 0.1mm height, 60mm/s (with outlines slowed to 60% speed in simplify 3d). The result is a print that wasn't a lot of work to clean up nice and smooth. Post-Printing Cleanup You'll need to smooth the print lines out. In my opinion it's too much detail to use an epoxy coat, so I think sanding + glazing putty is the way to go. How I Designed This Designed in Onshape I gathered what reference images of the real radios I could find and did my best on measurements. I see some flaws in there, but nothing big enough to be worth the effort to correct right now.

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