iPhone 7 Case with Bumpers

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Summary I made this case for my iPhone 7 because I didn't want to pay $50 for a similar design. I added hand grips so you can hold it with one hand and not drop it! It fits the phone really snug & stays on in all of my drop tests. It took about 7 iterations before I got it to where it fit right & felt comfortable to hold. Now all makers can have a iPhone 7 case for around $1 - $2, It makes me love my 3D printer so much!! I hope you guys enjoy & if your feeling generous you can add a tip! I will make some alternative case designs with different grips like hearts or circles in the future so check this model every so often for new updates. Print Settings Printer: Da Vinci Jr 1.0 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Infill: 30% Notes: I print this case at 0.1 mm layer height with 30% infill to give a good amount of strength, it is holding an iPhone after all! I chose the Thick setting for the shells to give it another little boost of strength. I printed them in white so an artist friend could add some cool designs easily to the back but if you print them in a darker color it will show less wear over time. You could always paint them as well. Post-Printing A little light sanding on the outside and support removal both outside and inside. I also sand it slightly on the inside to make it smooth up against the phone to reduce the off chance of scratching. It fits so snug however that it is not likely to happen.

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