3DTAC - Polaroid Cube to GoPro adapter & case

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Tired of not finding accessories for your Polaroid Cube and Cube+, how about being able to use all the GoPro range of products? With this sturdy and strong mount you can do just that!

Print the parts just as they are positioned in the .stl for the best results. You can add a front glass if you know where to laser cut it, download the shape clicking here. To secure the front glass and back lid you will need 8, M3 x 10 screws.

This does not make your camera watertight or waterproof, use it responsibly and at your own devices risknow. 

  • ABS: May need to account for plastic shrinkage 100.3% scale +,-.1
  • Supports: Yes
  • Infill: 15% (at least)
  • Layer height: .25
  • Contours: 3

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