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As you might have noticed (3D printed) Pokémon started appearing on the streets. If you want to catch (print) them all, PokéMarvin is the best companion for you! :) This little guy is just circa 30mm tall, so it makes a nice keychain or backpack zipper pull combining the symbols of 3D printing and the love for Pokémon.

Printer:Ultimaker 2 ; Resolution: 0,15 ; Infill: 15% 


This model is a bit tricky due to the tight tolerances. It can be nicly printed on a well leveled Ultimaker without any supports. Print all parts as orinented and print them slowly! I used 20 mm/s wall speed for most parts and 10 mm/s for the knob. Also print two of the knob piece at the same time to let each layer cool down before the next is deposited. 190 celsius seems to be just right. If printed correctly, all parts should snap together, but if you use it as a keychain or zipper pull maybe you should glue them together.

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