Oxygen Tank Wrench


Summary I needed an oxygen tank wrench that was convenient enough to clip to my wheelchair for easy access for quick changes of oxygen tanks when needed. I was in need of a new wrench and I used to carry a regular adjustable wrench you get from any hardware store but that was too much of a hassle and would always smack the metal on my wheelchair and make a loud clanking sound when I was driving around. This is an Oxygen Tank Wrench that I designed will fit an oxygen tank used for medical reasons. It fits the steel tank valves on top of each tank that must be turned to open and allow oxygen to flow to the recipient. This can also be used for oxygen tanks or other similar tanks for glass blowing, or other uses not just for medical reasons. It has a designated hoop on one end for a key chain ring to hang off of whatever you want. I attached it to a retractable ID key chain so I always know where it is.

Print Settings:

Rafts: No 

Supports: No 

Infill: 50% 

Notes: This Oxygen Tank Wrench goes under lots of torque pressure from the steel valve when being turned. I suggest making the infill 50% or more. I did 25% and it works good, but you can tell that after about 25 or 50 uses that the plastic is getting indented. So to get a reliable Oxygen Tank Wrench I suggest making it more solid in case of emergencies. Steps Taken To Design: I designed this in Tinkercad. Then I brought it into 123D Design to help refine the straight edges and make them a little round for an easy slip onto the valves.

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