Miniature Desktop Fan


Summary Materials and sources to buy them: 1 latching click button DC motor Super glue USB charger of any kind (iphone, micro USB, etc.) Hot Glue Gun Instructions: Take your charger, and cut the tip off, you should find a black and red wire, skin the insulation off of the tips of the two wires. Take your motor, and place it inside of the small space designed to fit it, it should be stuck once inside. Take your latching button, and twist, hot glue, or solder your wire to one of the metal prongs on the button, take another small piece of wire, and on the other prong do the same. Take your black wire, and hot glue it onto the left tiny prong of the motor, hot glue your red wire to the right little prong. Super Glue your fan blade onto the turning prong on the front and middle part of the motor. Either super glue, or plastic weld all parts together as seen in picture or video. You're done! Plug the USB in and turn the fan on! FYI: The fan does rattle A LOT, so keep it on a mouse pad. Unfortunately I was not able to upload my video to YouTube(I have super slow internet) however the fan does work very nice! Please upload your makes! I would love to see other people make this!

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