Hummingbird feeder hanging hook with ant moat

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Summary This is a hummingbird hanger with built in ant moat. Parts print separately and then attach with either glue or acetone. Print Settings Printer: FlashForge Creator Pro Notes: You need to print one ant moat and two hooks. The ant moat can be printed with 15% infill using supports for the very center area at the top of the sphere half. Supports are not needed for the inner hole. I printed the hooks at 100% infill for strength but 40-50% would likely work fine. One support is required at the very end of the hook where it inserts into the moat. Both parts will print without supports but the supports give a better end product. Post-Printing Attaching the hooks to the moat I attach the hooks to the moat one at a time, allowing the first hook to dry completely before attaching the second. Generously apply acetone to the moat portion then brush the hook "nub" and flat surface with acetone. Press the parts together and hold until set. Let dry and attach the second hook. Allow to dry completely before hanging feeder. Trust me on this one. I was impatient and hung my first model before the acetone was set and had a sugar water mess on my deck. :(

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