Water bottle tote for fishers

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Summary Another water bottle tote that attaches to your belt loop but this one has a fish at the base. It prints in two parts, attached using acetone (nail polish remover). I added a ring from a key ring and a simple carabiner clip. NOTE: Not all water bottles are created equally. I found that the bottles from Costco (Kirkland brand) are slightly larger at the base and do not slide in easily. The inner diameter of the tote is 67mm (~2.64 inches). You may want to scale the stl file up a percent or two to make it more universal. Post-Printing Filing of the top tab may be required Depending on the extruder temp and filament type, the piece may not fit quite right. You may need to sand or file the nub and opening where the two parts join to get a good fit.Once you have a tight or near fit, wipe both parts with acetone and press together.

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