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Summary This is an anti-vibration foot for a flashforge creator pro. it has a base cup for holding the anti-vibration material, a foot pad for the printer and a template for cutting the anti-vibration material. This was created because I had some extra sorbothane left over from an old engineering project. It's anti-vibration qualities are amazing so I created a foot pad to hold it and set the printer on. All in all, if I had to buy the sorbothane outright, I would not have created them... the cost does not merit the gain. However, since I had the materials, "why not?". Perhaps you could use another anti vibe material that would work nearly as well for much cheaper. Anyway... here it is. Print Settings Printer: FlashForge Creator Pro Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .2 Infill: .15 Post-Printing Assembly Print the bottom. Print the template. Use the template to cut cushioning materials. Print the top and set on the feet of the printer, then set those feet on the cushioning material that sits inside the bottom. I added felt pads onto the bottom of the base to enable the printer to slide easier.

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