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Ever needed some 4-way-cable connections but no usb-cable around to sacrify? Well, why not using the prototype of the socket I made while developping a retro-console based on raspberry pi and a 64x64 LED Matrix? 

It is made for simple Jumper cables that you may want to fix with some hot glue to the back of socket and plug. I also included a wall section of my console prototype so that you have the measures of the hole for the socket (which, if you print it as in the file, doesn't need any extra-glue -just push it firmly into the hole :) The plug also prevents wrong connections with one side fitting only the corresponding gap in the socket.

And while I was at it, I thought I also may share my design of a retro-gamepad (prototype), requiring a chip with 8 ins and outs (like in my case, the PCF8574 which allows you up to 8 controllers using only 4 pins on your raspberry). The thing can be easily assembled and disassembled without the need of any glue - the design holds itself in place. Buttons are designed to move along a (printed) axis.

Parts are designed so that there is NO NEED for SUPPORTS - allowing fast and smooth prints. I recommend printing with a layer height of 0.1mm....and at least, some infill (10-20%). This is no must except for the buttons. If you want to avoid infill, be sure to print bottom and top layers a bit 0.8 thickness.

I used a printrbot simple metal for the prints in the pictures.

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