The "POCKET POWER" - Variable power supply + voltmeter

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The Pocket Power is a variable mini power supply for everybody. for example, I am now addict on buying LED's which need to be test to check it was functioning. Not only leds, but anything use DC power from 4v-28v. :D

The Pocket Power also have the function of voltmeter. So you guys can use it to check battery capacity.

If just want to use for checking electronic component, you can use battery mode. If you are using to power up electrical appliance that using dc power(commonly 6v,12v,24v), you can use direct mode.

Example : It was late night, while you are watching EPL/UEFA/favourite series, but suddenly you TV decoder/internet router adapter burnt out. Luckily you have this Pocket Power, so you can use it as backup adapter until you buy new adapter on next morning.

Only 3 parts: 1)Top 2)Bottom 3)Rotation Wheel

My setting:

*Prusa i3

*0.3 nozzle

*0.25 layer height

*60mm/s speed

*PLA 195c/bed 60c

*20% infill

*3 top/bottom layer, 2 layer walls

For Top & Bottom part, I place the flat surface on the bed. Only bottom part need support to print. I suggest to use custom support like i am doing, so you can place the support only on the place you could possibly reach out since you need to clean it up later to put the battery in place.

Components Needed: 

1)TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger

2)DC-DC Boost Converter xy-016

3)Syma x5c 3.7v battery

4)Voltmeter 0-100v

5)Mini rocker switch

6)Banana Plug male/female

Here is the link to Official Video of the Power Pocket:

Happy Printing!

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