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Sometimes, my work requires a soundtrack, because of this I didn't hear people approaching me as I'd be too focused to notice.  causing many awkward moments and one memorable left hook, (no worries I missed, and my co-worker laughed)  So I came up with the idea of a cube bell; visitors push a button and a group of LED's blink. Then I ran across a small version of the WOPR from "Wargames", and I had my case.  Video of LED's in action here: 


Print (note I ended up scaling the WOPR to 105 %)  , sand, paint -- I used acrylics. except for some parts that were metal on the original, then I used Testors  "Brushed Aluminum"   and or a silver paint pen.

For the electronics you will need:

Arduino Nano or Adafruit trinket or other Microcontroller that fits on 170 pin breadboard.   

USB cable 

7x 5mm LED's  6 RED 1 Amber 

5x 330 ohm resistors 

1 10k resistor 

1 button, I used this one from Adafruit ( they are out of blue but have other colors avaible.

1 5x7 CM perfboard and a bit of scrap perfboard

ribbon wire I got mine at Amazon (

header pins or dupont connectors  starter kit for dupont here (


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