Baby gate bearing mount 9000

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Summary so, we have a baby gate we use for our dog. Every time it got wet, it would be near impossible to open...until now ! Introducing, the Baby gate bearing mount 9000. the first version(the one shown in the pictures) was too thin and not strong enough and ended up breaking. I've tweak it to hopefully make it stronger. If you want great prices for great quality for 3d prints to order, visit my Hub: Order a 3D Print Instructions Parts needed: 4x M4 screws 4x M4 lock(optionally lock)nuts 4x 624zz bearings 4x nameless screws to mount onto the baby gate The gate we have had rivets holding the metal supports on, i just drilled out the rivets and use the holes to mount the bearing assemblies. I put the parts in acetone vapour to make them stronger

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