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Summary Carry Case for KangerTech EVOD E-Cigarette I designed a little case for my Ecig from KangerTech. It holds the Assembled EVOD, an extra battery, liquid and some spare heating coils. Attention: working prototype, most likely needs manual adjustments after printing This is the second Iteration, and not perfect, but works with some after-printing-work. If (when) it breaks I'll change some things in the design listed below to make it work better out of the box. Until then its good enough for me :) Print Settings Printer: Malyan M150 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: 20% Notes: I printed with PETG and the holding clips need to be able to flex a little to grab the contents. I don't know if PLA will work, might be too brittle, might not, let me know if you try it. Post-Printing Manual work after printing So, as this is a work in progress, and depending on the accuracy of your printer, you may or may not have to do the following. Hinge holes Mine were much too tight for the nails I had intended, so i had to heat up some small drills and starting with 0.8mm widen the holes in the hinges. Grab drill with small pliers heat up on lighter (only a bit, we only want to make the plastig soft, not melt or burn it) widen the hole grab next bigger drill and repeat until you are at the required size for your nail. Clasp The thingy on the bottom half of the case that should be grabbed by the clasp was too big, and I had to file it smaller. I decided to file the clasp a bit, and the "thingy" to make them fit. Borders I'm not sure why, but my borders or walls of the case were slightly warped up in the middle, although the bottom was flat, this put a bit too much strain on the hinges for my taste, so I grabbed a small file, and removed material from the top of the walls where the halves meet, until the case closed nicely. How I Designed This designed in FreeCAD

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