bq Hephestos 2 - Vibration dampening feet

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SummaryOnce you mount your Hephestos on these feet you'll be amazed how much silent the printer becomes, it's really a huge improvement for vibration and sound dampening. Edit: You have now two different kits to choose from. Kit v1: bqh2-anti-vibration-feet-A.stl bqh2-anti-vibration-feet-B.stl Kit v2: bqh2-anti-vibration-feet-C-v2.stl bqh2-anti-vibration-feet-D-v2.stl Print SettingsPrinter Brand: RepRapPrinter: bq Hephestos 2Resolution: 0.200Infill: 20%Notes: Print six copies of thing type A and two copies of type B, you may print them using solid infill but I found that to be an overkill.

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